Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday afternoon at the malls + One of the boys + Francine & her five husbands

Another break from the Jakarta posts (five more left).

After bonding with my mom over James Bond, we passed by a Macau tourism exhibit at The Podium's atrium, where I had this taken. Why I insist on wearing this stretched-out Primark pullover, I don't understand myself.

At Cheesecake, etc., we had a large pandesal with chicken filling, which was good but not as cheesy as Figaro's. Their cashew dome cake is chewy. Somehow, I did not find the marzipan-like ganache to my liking. I wanted my cashews crunchy.

Passed by Kisses & Co. at Robinsons Galleria, where I fitted this just to get a shot.

Kisses & Co., jeans tag

The fabric of the skinny jeans is good, but since it doesn't stretch, I found myself midway between sizes S and M. Still... Fierce! Fabulous! Filipinas! Mabuhay!


Friend 2 claims that I'm always surrounded by boys. Not really. Online, sometimes. Snippets of quotable instant messages from my guy friends this month, typos and all.

FRIEND 1: facebook daw pinakasikat ngayon e
FRIEND 1: will create some other time
ME: hahaha! peer pressure
FRIEND 1: pero gusto ko kasi ifrend si obama, meron daw siyang facebook

FRIEND 2: i should have listened to my art teachers and studied fine arts
ME: but you don't regret it naman, di ba?
FRIEND 2: i regret it, hahaha
ME: i can tell you, it's not too late

ME: ok naman pala ang jakarta
FRIEND 3: it's not that tourist-friendly though...
ME: totoo!

FRIEND 4: have you heard the prank call on palin
[four minutes later, after listening to it]
ME: now that's what you call diplomacy

FRIEND 5: sensya na
FRIEND 5: mapurol nako ngayun
ME: keri lang. we all lost a lot of IQ points after graduation
FRIEND 5: di ko na nagagagmit ang mga terms tulad ng jejune at obtuse sa isang sentence

FRIEND 6: "Kasi hindi mo malalaman kung ano ang tunay na kahulugan ng kasayahan, kung wala kang kalunkgutang nararanasan"
ME: memorized!
FRIEND 6: eh kasi...
FRIEND 6: idol ko kasi noon si Lualhati Bautista

FRIEND 7: I have no shame.
ME: i'm sure you don't


This mockumentary promotes the coolcapitals--Amsterdam, Antwerp, Valencia, Vienna and Zurich--by enticing you to be a European husband collector.

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