Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random street observations

one for you, one for me
one for you, one for me

The skyscrapers in Jakarta are not so close together, so they look much taller. I compared Metro Manila buildings to Jakarta and found them to be comparable in height. The UOB building (below right) is J's favorite.

Disruptive street advertising is a little extreme, but as long as nobody gets hurt, I suppose there's no harm done. This campaign had a guy on stilts on the the pedestrian crossing, along with some other accomplices with some kind of skit.

The street vendors are outside the city center. Like in Manila, they sell newspapers and food. I didn't see anything unusual enough to report.

The aesthetics of these wedding greetings are tacky hands-down, but the weddings are not. I caught glimpses of two weddings at Balai Kartini on the same day. I was ashamed to take photos, so you will just have to trust me on this. In the morning, there was a massive explosion of colors but still very elegant. In the evening, there was a lot of white and gold, but still very beautiful. Weddings in the Philippines are so Westernized and subdued. I guess we aren't after fanfare like they are. Here are the drummers outside the venue.

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