Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Museum Bank Mandiri, part 1

Museum Bank Mandiri has the feel of a Depression Era film set (which isn't a bad thing, mind you). There are plenty of floor tiles and wooden tables and counters. Fiona Apple could sing and dance "Paper Bag" here.

chinese cash zaterdag
art decostained glass

dutch signs the timer for the vault door

If Rizal was blond...

We watched a well-preserved 1941 color film documenting the city under Dutch rule. There was another film about Batavia, Bogor and Bandung 1927-1940. They have their own version of the children's games luksong tinik, Dr. Quack Quack and bato bato pik. It made me wonder if we have old films of Manila.

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  1. if true blond si Rizal-look-alike, dapat blond din ang moustache niya. haha!