Friday, November 14, 2008

Lara Djonggrang - Imperial Indonesian Cuisine

Lara Djonggrang on Jalan Cik Di Tiro is perhaps the most beautiful restaurant I have ever seen. From the parking lot with exquisite lanterns alone, you know that design was thought through and that cost was not an issue. Not so many photos here because I was conserving my battery life (I did not bring a charger). I knew that it was doubtful I would go anywhere nearly as special in the next few days, but since the level of light was low, it was hard to take a decent shot.

The place is not huge or grand, but it has plenty of character, much like the beautiful princess it is named after. It is built like a house with different rooms. The food is supposedly expensive, but I have no idea about the prices. If it's any indication, the place was full of expats.

I liked the traditional Indonesian salad with peanut sauce and the sweet chicken satay. We also had mushrooms grilled with spices in banana leaves, and fried fish V identified as tilapia. I did not try the spicy beef because I was told it was hot and it looked it. The dessert was a pink soup with ice cubes. Not quite ABC, not quite halo-halo.

Aqua, the leading bottled water brand, is from Danone. We were served Aqua in glass bottles that reminded Jill of Royal Tru Orange bottles of the 80s.

Oh, but there was one thing that was off. They played Norah Jones.



  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the first picture was the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland. Haha
    I've never had Indonesian food but it sounds like a mixture of Thai, Indian and Filipino food to me.
    Norah Jones? I love her... but I probably wouldn't want to listen to her when I'm at a place like that!

  2. Hahaha!

    Yes, quite. Indonesian food and Malaysian food are closest. But Thai and Indian would be the easiest references. :)