Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fast food, Indonesian style

KFC here offers a variety of things I had never seen at home, including pudding, perkedel, salsa chips, mocha float and lychee float (above right). The lychee float is just lychee syrup, 7-UP and soft ice cream. It would have been alright if not for so many ice cubes. KFC french fries here are regular fries, unlike the thick, darker fries we have.

Yes, CFC is the fake KFC. They also serve chicken and Pepsi products. We ate at CFC in TMII. I had the Nasi Ayam Goreng (Fried Rice with Chicken). V had noodles and she was disappointed that it was the quick-cooking kind (think Lucky Me).

In food courts here, there are sinks for washing your hands. I saw a girl eating rice with her hands, so I guess it is something that is still done here.

Green Sands is their Cali. A friend said that the Indonesians aren't big on softdrinks. I'm not sure if that is true, but I guess there's always tea and coffee because they grow them.

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