Sunday, November 23, 2008

Japanese in Jakarta

Quick! Mix it up!

I had not eaten at Pepper Lunch before, so it was cool to try it at Plaza Indonesia. The Pepper Beef is good. I had a Strawberry Mirinda to wash it down. It reminded me of Tempra at first sip, but it got better after that.

There are plenty of Japanese food choices in Jakarta. Pasta Waraku at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town displays their pasta in a very Japanese way.

Ended up having dinner at Poké Sushi. The name is unappetizing to Filipinos, but the food wasn't bad at all. I got the meal deal because it was still early. Really good for IDR50,000. Because they are still in their soft opening stage, the other meals are on 30% discount.


  1. i tried pepper lunch once in rockwell but found it too pricey for the type of food they served. curiously, i didn't find pepper lunch stores in japan - not in downtown tokyo, not in downtown kyoto. ang marami, yoshinoya and other beef bowl places. pepper lunch might be a higher end "fastfood-style" eatery in japan, i'm not sure, but they were scarce.

    keep on writing!

  2. interesting that you didn't find them there. maybe it's really a bigger hit in southeast asia. yeah, yoshinoya's beef bowl is a better value.

    salamat, sir! i have to mention that your most recent post is really good for a study on japanese culture. :)

  3. i looooooove pepper lunch. to bits. love it love it love eeeeeeet. :) yoshinoya, matsuya, not so much. :-s

    kapag may questions ka on japanese culture, you know who to ask. :D