Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chocolate memories

I finally opened the Milka Joghurt-Waldbeer-Krokant I brought home from London. It's "milk chocolate with alpine milk filled with a forest fruit yoghurt cream filling and crocant", a curious sweet-and-sour chocolate I've come to love. I remember bringing it to Viv on my second visit the first time I tried it. Milka also makes me think of Hanna and after-lunch coffee, tea and chocolates at Ashwell. I've never seen this specific kind in Manila, though I'm pretty sure there's Milka here somewhere.

There is one brand I saw in Manila that made my heart leap: Ritter Sport. It reminds me of Irene and Elodie, who are Ritter Sport addicts. The price here is Manila isn't bad at all: between P62.50-68.50 for the 100g pack of (I counted 10 variants in stock) and P122.50 for the mix of nine bite-size pieces at SM Supermarket. The 100g pack lasts me a long time because I only take one or two squares at a time. My most unforgettable Ritter Sport moment has to be Encounter #1. Like music, food brings back memories, good and bad. Hahaha!

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