Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day + World Pyro Olympics 2008

Today being Earth Day, I wanted to share something I sent to La Mancha, the organizers of World Pyro Olympics, through their website. Whether or not you go to the WPO, you can do something. Why don't you take a few minutes to do the same?
Dear Mr. Crisostomo,

As I have never attended WPO, I am looking forward to being at this year's event. As an ordinary citizen, I just wanted to make a proposal--a challenge that holds positive potential for your company.

Last year when I was in London, I noticed that the events held by the city were carbon-neutral. Now I have read that the environmental impact of fireworks is negligible compared to other sources, that CO2 emissions are not that large, and that most chemicals in pyrotechnics combust and are non-toxic. However, there is no doubt that pollutants are released into Manila Bay and that the different elements of setting up your event, including transportation, have some effects on the environment, however small.

Given the size of your event in terms of attendance and visibility, being carbon neutral would be a significant stand and a model for other Filipino companies to follow.

I honestly do not know how to purchase carbon credits in the Philippines, but I am sure there are ways of being implementing this in your own way.

I do hope you consider this suggestion and look forward to your positive response.


Now there are so many sides to this issue, ranging from the morality and philosophy behind carbon credits to the practicality of it all. Call it naive, but I was compelled to take a stand. I could not not do it.

I hope to see the fireworks. I don't see that as hypocrisy. Every day, we all make the choice to consume more or to consume less. If you're going to produce more CO2, at least be responsible for your own carbon footprint.

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