Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sundae Battle Sunday

From fastfood halo-halo, I moved on to the sundaes of two top fastfood chains, all priced at P30, with two variants each. McDonalds has caramel and fudge; Jollibee has pastillas caramel and rocky road brownie.

Clearly, Jollibee has that extra push by adding the pastillas and the brownie to the basic caramel and fudge. But the Jollibee cup is considerably smaller. Make that shockingly smaller: I was nearly open-mouthed when I was handed a cup less than half-full, whereas McDonalds tends to fill their larger cup with more soft ice cream. Patriotism aside, our countrymen deserve more bang for the buck and Ronald wins over the big bee based on value for money. Caramel and fudge on their own are good enough--more sugar than anybody needs.

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