Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pasta + gelato @ Amici

I didn't write about Amici the first time I ate there because I didn't feel that the food was special then. The pesto pasta was good value for the serving size, yes. But there were not enough pine nuts and garlic to give it flavor, though it had a lot of basil. The stracciatella gelato did not have choco chips, only some shavings, a letdown after the gelati in Rome.

I gave Amici a second try because I figured I wasn't smart in ordering. This time, I asked for one of their bestsellers: spinach cannelloni. It was creamy and cheesy, with so much spinach to make Popeye puff his pipe. I followed it with pistaschio gelato: good and green, though a bit too sweet. My guess is that there is more gelato in a plastic cup than in the metal one. Maybe that their way of making up for the presentation. I heard one customer swear by the chocolate gelato. She couldn't say anything but "sarap". Now that's a good sign.

Formerly Amici di Don Bosco, Amici is no longer run by the Salesians (my cousin said it is now under Red Ribbon). I'll come back to try their other pasta dishes and their pizzas. I doubt I'll try the Filipino food soon, though you can have it cafeteria-style. Pasta under P200, gelato for P45, an endless supply of ice and water. Overall, a pleasant place for lunch out.

Arnaiz corner Chino Roces
Makati City


  1. hey abbs, i wanna go with you to Amici next time! :D i love the pasta and the gelato!