Monday, April 28, 2008

Universal McCann International Social Media Research Wave 3

Media@LSE blog raises some issues about the findings, but I must say the results are still interesting. According to Wave 3 of UM's Social Media Research, 90.3% of active Internet users in the Philippines have read a blog, second only to South Korea among 31 countries. The March 2008 figure is a big leap from 33% in September 2006 and 64% in June 2007. However, few read blogs compared to the total population aged 16 to 54. Even if 65.8% have tried starting a blog, that's still a small number because the size of our online population. We're unsurprisingly tops when it comes to belonging to a social network (83.1%), sharing photos (86.4%) and watching video clips (98.6%). We're second to Brazil in terms of uploading videos as percentage of the online population. But again, putting things in perspective, we lag when the big picture is in focus.


  1. As a former employee of McCann Erickson PR (Belgrade, Serbia) I was really interested to read this report. Since it is a marketing agency, doing the research (in my country Universal deals with media buying - selling advertising slots to its clients) it is obvious that the angle for product placement in social media is the most important to them. It is disappointing, as well as true that Eastern Europe has the lowest degree of internet penetration, hence the lowest number of people using social media.
    With this in mind, I want to ask you something related to your thesis - you focused on Philipino blogs in English, right? So do people blog mostly in English, or in your national language?
    Bloggers in Serbia blog in Serbian, so if I am to do some research on that, it would only be valid for publication in my home country.

    Greetings from Florence



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  3. @popkitchen: yes, UM always handles media. i'm technically ex-mccann, too :) it was just a coincidence that the blogs for my thesis were all in english. i was actually hoping to find some in filipino. that said, the filipino blogosphere is predominantly in english.

    you can publish research on serbian blogs, provided you have translations for the content you want to highlight. i would say that would be even more interesting than anglo-centric studies. refer to the study on polish blogs by trammell et al. (2006) in JCMC.

    @makoy: ang sipag mong magpa-contest! i'd join kung flickr pro subscription ang prize :)