Monday, April 21, 2008

Catching up in Makati

I contacted two friends from school who I had not seen for years and gave them a brief: let's meet someplace I do not know. Both of them were in Makati, which game me a chance to do quite a bit of walking.

J. took me to Sango the Burger Master at Creekside, Amorsolo Street. We had a great seaweed salad and rice burgers (not the McDo flop). As usual, I was a messy eater, but I managed to finish everything because it was so tasty. The origami and the cheerful servers are also big plus points. There's an adjacent Japanese Co-op which I hope to explore next time I'm in the area.

We then discovered Donau Gourmet, also along Amorsolo, by accident. It's a delightful Deutsch deli with servers in Bavarian attire. Expat-centric crowd but not intimidating. (Maybe because J. looks foreign?) There are some lovely-looking breads worth another visit. I had fun looking at the all-German food labels. Kartoffelsuppe! Imverhonig! It's not Aldi, but fun nevertheless.

P. took me to CCW, which is tucked away from the buzz on Guijo, in a corner off Pasong Tamo. It's a good place for sitting down and reading one of the books in their collection. (There's free wi-fi, too.) I only had a mango shake, which was filling enough for me, but I suppose I should have Coffee, Cakes and Waffles, if that's what they're supposed to be known for. The place has a pleasant home-y atmosphere, which was perfect for catching up on our lives.

I had not seen J. since college graduation, but it was not difficult to catch up because she's still as bubbly as ever. P. switched schools after second year high, so it has been quite a while. It was actually funny to know that she went from being bullied to being a bully herself. As J and P each have a toddler son, their lifestyles have changed quite a bit. It's nice to see them as doting moms to cute little boys.

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