Friday, April 4, 2008


Wait a minute, I'm on to something here... Jon called me a reluctant feminist media scholar. Cindy called me a reluctant Facebook addict. So what am I not reluctant about? Excellent question. I'm the reluctant researcher, artist, performer, writer, blogger, fan. But I think what I'm really reluctant about is being boxed in, labeled, lumped with people who do not represent me at all. Yes, I play safe, practice self-censorship and make obvious, rational decisions. Generally. I do not want to hurt, offend or alienate, but that doesn't mean I'm the most boring person on earth, either. Ok, let's back this up with other people's photos of me. They don't exactly show me putting toilet paper into muddy portalets, screaming because the spinning chair in the science museum won't stop or exploring an unfamiliar, non-English-speaking city alone, but you get the picture. Then again, I haven't done anything particularly embarrassing or risky since December 31st (my cousins will kill me if I post photos). How shall we break this monotony?

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  1. Oh wow! That's actually true! Even when we chat, I never hear you rave or rant about an issue or a project or a person (save for one occasion, hehe). Palagi kang my one eyebrow raised going, "Hmmm..." Signs of a reflective/reflexive person, I think!