Thursday, April 24, 2008

Schmapping Copenhagen

The folks over at Schmap have been adding virtual travel guides for North American and European cities like there's no tomorrow. I wonder when they'll do Asia (they have Australia and New Zealand so far). Again, I'm lending them one of my photos. This time, it's of the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. So if you're swinging by the Danish capital, take a look at Schmap's Copenhagen guide. My photo is part of the Town Hall Square and Tivoli virtual tour and filed under Museums and Top Attractions. I just have to say that their description of Roskilde is so funny.


  1. the schmap bunch used some of my flickr pix as well - one of which was the planetarium in greenwich sa london - kaso nga lang mali yung guide nila kasi di naman para sa greenwich yung article....hmmmm.

  2. napaghahalataang hindi pa sila nakakapunta dun, hahaha!