Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starstruck again

I still get starstruck when I see actors I admire offscreen--the first few times, at least. I've outgrown Nonie but not Neil Ryan and Rome.

INT. NIGHT. Cinemanila 2009 at Market! Market. Just before the screening of Dinig Sana Kita, which was shown in the last month Toronto International Film Festival.

I didn't see Zoe, only her dad. I remembered hearing that she missed a test because of the screening at CCP, but maybe she's been to so many screenings already. Some usherettes had their photos taken with Rome, so I didn't feel like a stalker. I walked up to him, signed "hi" (couldn't think of anything else to "say" given my limited sign language vocabulary) and asked if he could understand me. He nodded. He had earphones on (which he immediately took off), so I guessed he could still hear. Dinig nga niya ako, hehehe. He took my camera and shot this.

I look young, yay!

I hope Rome gets another film role and meets his dad someday.

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