Friday, October 23, 2009

CSI Practice

You know the scenario: something has happened, but it's too uzi to ask what's going on. A week ago, I took the Ayala Loop aircon jeep. Somewhere near the corner of Dela Rosa and Greenbelt 5, there was a police car and photographers. There were many onlookers on the elevated walkway. I couldn't see anything unusual, but on my way back to Glorietta, I passed by the area again. I noticed that:
1) It was too noisy in the block before that street corner. I couldn't hear the podcast I was listening to. Generators.
2) There was no more crowd on the street corner but there were still some people watching from the walkway, as
3) MERALCO men were fixing wires on the poles above
4) There was a section of the street corner that was lined with yellow police tape. There was some blood and some tree branches.

Too easy, no?

The next day, I looked if there was a report about it in Inquirer. None. D texted that it came out in a tabloid. I got it right. Someone jumped from the building and got caught in the wires, cutting off power. Maybe I should try something a little tougher to reconstruct than that. But of course you hope that you won't come across scenes like that more often.

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