Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toilet stories

[I know what you're thinking: how low can you go? But I promise you this is entertaining and informative and squeaky clean.]

restroom decor, Lotte World Adventure

You can tell a lot about a people by their toilets. I doubt anyone would dispute that.

Korea is place where hygiene freaks will be comfortable. There are few squat toilets left, so don't you worry. And for the most part, they keep their comfort rooms comfortable and spotless.

The first interesting toilet I came across was at Lotte World Duty Free Shop. I suppose it's there to make Japanese shoppers feel at home.

Now this is the ideal public restroom. It's at Namsan Park, on the way to N Seoul Tower. Any guesses what the Korea Toilet Association does?

The washrooms at N Seoul Tower have the best views of the city. Make that the men's washrooms, with the urinals facing that way (photo courtesy of my brother, of course). LOL.

This one at LG Science Hall is the most complex toilet I've seen so far. I would have tried out the buttons if they had translations. Sadly, I cannot read Braille.

This poster inside the CR of the ferry explains the waste disposal system. The name of the vacuum toilet company is Evak (no kidding, Pinoys). They've since changed their name to Evac.

Here's the last and perhaps the least, the plastic-covered seat at Incheon Airport. Push the red button and voila! The plastic goes round and a fresh layer is ready for you.

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