Friday, October 30, 2009

Remembering, on Facebook

Before I hibernate for a few days, I thought I had to share this with you.

When I found out that you could tell Facebook about departed users, I knew I had to do it. A college friend passed away last year and though we weren't close, it bothered me that there was quite a bit of information that you could see on his Facebook page. I filled out the form, which I was able to accomplish as most of the required information was available on his profile page. Facebook emailed me to confirm. I don't know how they verify the information, but I hope they did.

Now, instead of seeing all of my friend's actions and information tab, all I can see are wall posts and the usual sidebar with friends and basic info.

Yorick Wilks
brings up points about only contacts being able to add tributes and having Facebook executors. We'll see how this works out, in time.

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