Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dining in Seoul: Korean breakfast


We didn't know the name of the place, but a nice resto near the hotel was where we had our last breakfast in Seoul. It's the type where you can sit on the floor and your chair would still have a backrest.


We didn't know what to do with all the little dishes around us. Fortunately, our server spoke English, so we asked him to cook our kalbi (barbecued pork). We also ordered bulgogi, but it seemed more soupy bistek than anything else. A lovely, lovely meal.

Later that day, we had our cheapest meal (19,000 won~P770 for four people, without drinks) at another mom-and-pop operation in Sincheon where no English was spoken. Japanese food, large servings, quick service. What more do you need?

Our last meal in Korea was at KFC Incheon airport. I tried the Chicken Bulgogi Burger, which I recognized as a larger version of a KFC burger (the name escapes me now) available in the Philippines. I had a Korean Raspberryade (just syrup on cider). Lemonade and other ades are often available at places like this.

I wish I had tried the Green Tea McFlurry...


  1. nagugutom ako. :)

    Sayang namn yung piano. :(

  2. was it a good meal? i beleive so.

  3. @acrylique: that's what food shots are for!
    oo nga eh. but it could have been worse.
    @taympers: the breakfast was very heavy and very good. the other meal was just ok :)