Monday, October 12, 2009

Random street scenes, Seoul

food delivery

posh neighborhood

the black cube

fountain and statues

today's news

shocker: seeing a shot of the SuperFerry 9 sinking on a screen along the sidewalk

what's your noise level?

a happy building

grand open!

...and random thoughts

There are many art spaces and galleries, but I'm not sure if that's enough cause to envy Korean artists.

There are far fewer pregnant Korean women in the metro than pregnant Pinays on the MRT. Maybe they're avoiding the long walk inside the stations? Our cabbie cleared it up. The birthrate is low, the suicide rate is high. The government is trying to encourage citizens to bear more offspring by giving incentives for a second and third child, like free hospitalization, monthly allowances and preference for apartments. The men die earlier because they drink too much.

Koreans tend to keep quiet. They rarely smile. It might be cleaner and more advanced in their country, but it seems (and our cabbie was willing to bet) that Filipinos are happier. Explain that if you can.

shooting, one of the sports

somewhere in namdaemun
somewhere in Namdaemun

tree-lined street
trees and cars

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