Sunday, October 18, 2009

Five-word summaries: foreign films, part 1

I've seen more non-Hollywood foreign films this year than Hollywood movies. (Even if I missed Pelicula.) I think that's a good thing. I wouldn't say all I've seen are good, but it's good to know that there are other storytellers out there.

The Duchess (United Kingdom)
fashionable woman stuck in unhappy marriage

Flandersui Fae (Barking Dogs Don't Bite, South Korea)
redemption of a dog-killing academic

Kærlighed på film (Just Another Love Story, Denmark)
nosy man in big trouble

Mein name ist Eugen (Rascals on the Road, Switzerland)
mischievous boys on the run

S čerty nejsou žerty (Give the Devil His Due, Czech Republic)
fairytale with cliched happy ending

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