Monday, October 5, 2009

Backtrack: the calm before the storm

The week before Ondoy, in pictures.

sexist school announcement?

breaking the pot of sampaguitas: the opening of The Ring of Fire

The First Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival at the Ayala Museum

Edru Abraham and KONTRA-GAPI with Nathan Azarcon, Mark Escueta and Ira Cruz

the first time I saw my former London housemate in Manila

dinner with the parents at Ebun Greenbelt 3

fried catfish with buro (fermented rice)

pica-pica at M Cafe Greenbelt 4 with my mentor (after meeting the gallery boss)

cake and afternoon tea with the birthday boy, Secret Recipe Shangri-La Mall


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  2. Fried catfish with buro.... heaven!
    Oh I think I know this resto... I think this is owned by my HS batchmate, Ricco Ocampo.

  3. yep, it's owned by the ocampos. it's right beside their other resto, kitchen.