Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cafes, celebs and convenience stores

Three levels of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

Yes, you'll see Starbuck and CBTL here, as well as others with interesting names.


Like home, there are endorsements from everyone.

My brother's skating idol Yuna Kim endorses Smoothie King and Anycall. (Aside: It was cool to see 7D dried mangoes at Smoothie King. And Philippine bananas on the street corner. Mabuhay!). I don't even want to count Rain's endorsements.

C-listers? On the boob tube, there are channels for games, TV shopping and learning. Now this is essential in Korea: spotted on the Learn English program, "I am so drunk" and "Let's get wasted!"

Convenience stores
7-11, GS25 and Family Mart are the most common.

there's one on the boat


  1. haha i love that tv shot .. wtf are they teaching the foreigners lol

  2. the lessons are more for the locals. if i may be politically incorrect, they need these phrases more than the expats do. :D