Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A walk around UP Diliman campus

carillon tower shaded road

shaded road Ang Bahay ng Alumni

Just happened to be in the University of the Philippines main campus, so I took a few shots of the places I passed by from Palma Hall to Chocolate Kiss Cafe inside Bahay ng Alumni. I took the long way around since I had plenty of time.


  1. Nice to see a few photos of UP.. I hear its the new Photographers haven.. trying to capture the beauty of the campus :)

    Do you go around Manila with a camera? Am looking forward to seeing more of your photomoments...

  2. i avoid bringing bring my camera when i commute out of paranoia, i had it in my bag by accident that day. if i had my camera all the time, i think the likelihood of me getting interesting shots would rise exponentially. :)

    thanks for dropping by again!