Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buffet breakfasts

We didn't have enough free breakfasts for the four of us, so we could go further afield. Actually, not so much further, just next door. Here's a comparison between breakfast at The Lighthouse(see post below) and at Vista Marina.

Marista@Vista Marina, P250
  • Oatmeal and three types of cereal (including Koko Krunch and Froot Loops--better for kids),
  • Omelettes on demand, pancakes, toast and fruit
  • Garlic rice and different bangus dishes (it was Good Friday)
  • Coffee, mango juice and (too sweet) orange juice
The staff were overwhelmed with the turnout of guests that day. Since the food was cooked in small batches, there was often nothing but fried rice, toast and pineapples to eat, unless you watched the buffet table for new arrivals.

Sands@The Lighthouse, P350
  • Oatmeal and three kinds of cereal (technically two, rice puffs and corn flakes, and muesli--none colorful or sweet)
  • Omelettes (paler but tastes the same as VM's) and waffles on demand, pancakes (larger but not as good as VM's), toast (white and wheat bread) and fruit
  • Fried rice, mashed potatoes (tastes good though not light and fluffy), chicken sausage, corned beef and Spanish sardines
  • Coffee, pandan water that is not as good as plain water, and exactly the same orange juice as VM's
  • Salad bar with mixed greens and one or two dressings, plus different add-ons
  • Bite-sized pudding (very good)

To be fair, I took a look at the buffet items for Easter Sunday. Here's how they compare.
Marista: sausage, ham, bola-bola, sweet and sour fish, green gulaman, champorado
Sands: pork & beans, chicken tocino, beef franks, bacon, fruit salad and roasted vegetable salad, arroz caldo

We ended up at Sands, where the Waldorf salad and chocolate mousse were excellent. Essentially, the main difference between the two hotel restaurants, other than price, is that Sands offers more choices and a more international fare versus the more Filipino fare of Marista. Other differences that justify the higher price of Sands: labels on the food so you know what you're eating, better food presentation in a smaller space, better views, a choice between indoor and al fresco dining, and waiters who are quick to clear your table every time you plate becomes empty. And their irregularly shaped plates are quite sophisticated. Details, details.

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