Friday, March 14, 2008

Seen and heard #1

I'm starting this series of posts on the simultaneously humorous and irritating side of city life. I'll start with a train ride where my seatmate was clipping her nails. Mabuti pa yung nasa tapat ko, nagbabasa ng To Kill A Mockingbird.. Serious.

Being no makeup expert, I feel for women who either have a wrong shade of blusher for their skin color (think pink more suitable for Snow White) or a very unnatural application. When someone satisfies both conditions and is a Tourism/HRM student, it's hard to sympathize anymore. Isn't there a class on grooming and presentation?

One saleslady to another, while watching Marian Rivera dance videos: "Mas may alindog si Katrina [Halili]."

Signs for an eatery in Manila: Healthy and nutritious food.
Under this sign: Sizzling Sisig. (Oo nga naman, fat is a nutrient.)

Sign on a grassy lot with goats grazing: Slow Down Populated Area.

Signboards on the way to Tagaytay. The revenge of the apostrophe + s:
Bird's for sale, Plant's for sale, Fruit's stand
(My brother's theory is that the same signmaker made them.)

Behind a golf cart: Please don't seat.

Woman taking empanada order to customer (me): "M'am, chicken or fork?" I think it's pretty obvious what I got.


  1. Ill have an extra large helping of "fork" please!!

    Hahaha, that nearly made me laugh out loud in the internet cafe!

  2. some filipinos have a bit of trouble with their p's and f's. (should we call them pilifinos then?) case in point: my physics teacher (a really nice man) said, "there is no such thing as a ferpect sphere." on another occasion, he talked about the religious story "pootfrints in the sand".

  3. haha.. sir mitra memories :P

    pink blush indeed is a no-no for me! :D

    abby, what's alindog?

  4. yes! i love it when someone knows who/what i'm talking about. :)

    mula sa talatinigan (o talasalitaan, alinman ang iyong ibig): alindog, png., personal na halina, pang-akit.