Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From VHS to YouTube

These are screen caps of the last of the three videos we shot in high school. It's a trilogy set in Baguio, stories that are a bit complicated to follow (my fault). My brother was kind enough to transfer it from analog to digital. Imagine how videos required for class were edited pre-Adobe Premiere, pre-Windows Movie Maker. That's right, using two VHS players.

This video is not on my YouTube channel and you won't find it unless you know my high school batch. And if you don't know that, it won't be worth your time (it's 40 minutes long including outtakes, again my fault). So why bother to share it? Just being sentimental. And for my classmates, in case they pass by.

It's the story of three friends...

Three other friends...

And two more friends. (The ninth groupmate never showed up.)

When I had Sadako hair and wore a self-tie-dyed shirt,
our backyard still had plenty of sky...

Actually, though I had my hair cut (see screenshot 1, extreme left), I kept the big hair until after college. And I still have that shirt, though it's faded to almost white. The screen on the right was the only shot taken at my house. All the interior shots were taken inside the same house, so we had to move things around to make it look like different places. That was part of the fun.

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaah

    natsukashii... :)

    i love the fact that i was holding my guitar when i saw the picture of me holding a guitar almost 8 years ago. :)

    balik na lang tayong high school abs. at least don may sir beni.