Friday, March 28, 2008

Halo-halo on a budget

It's scorching hot in the city-- even if you're indoors and you keep still, you will sweat. If there's no Razon's nearby and you need a cheap cooler, hop over to a fastfood chain for halo-halo ("mix-mix", a Filipino dessert with an assortment of ingredients over shaved ice). It's pretty impossible to fail with halo-halo, but some are better than others. To narrow down the choices, I looked into the P30-40 price category.

Tropical Hut Halo-halo, P39
Also available with one scoop of ice cream for P49, P59 for two scoops
The cup is too tall and gets in the way of presentation because you can't see the ingredients so well. The sweetness is just right and it gets milkier the deeper you go. The ice is pretty solid.

Chowking Halo-halo Half Dozen with one scoop ice cream, P39, and Petite (pictured), P39
Also available Half Dozen without ice cream, P29 and P59 for Grande size. Add P10 for ice cream.
Half Dozen plus one scoop is satisfying, and in my opinion better than Petite without ice cream. Good ice consistency either way.

McDonalds Sundae Ice Mix, Halo-halo, P35
It was a bit hard to tell what I was eating because the ingredients didn't seem solid. Clumpy ice. . Contained too many pineapple chunks.

Winner, hands-down: Chowking Half Dozen with ice cream. Best price, ice texture and taste.


  1. Oh I looove halo-halo. At the Pen! Haha! The last great halo-halo I had was at Razon's. And my mom got irita with my cousin and me for not knowing hot to eat halo-halo. Our ice-crushing technique with the spoon was all wrong. So all the milk and toppings were flowing out. She had to grab them from us and show us how it's done. Haha!

    I'd imagine the sunny weather is perfect for halo-halo na? It's still winter here! Ugh!

  2. you actually did this! wahahahaha!

  3. @jon: i do miss the cold sometimes. kasi nga, you can only shed so many layers and stay decent, whereas you can always pile on clothes.

    @ledz: if you're gonna embark on a self-imposed task, might as well make it enjoyable :)