Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Three thinkers

My favorite thinkers right now are prolific, outspoken and convincing. They're not just academics, they are scholars who use their influence for a cause--the cerebral celebrities, if you will. They are the kind of thinkers we need: intelligent and inspirational communicators who are happy to go down the ivory tower. They are present in both mainstream and independent media, and stand in the spotlight to face the camera. They go out into the field and speak their mind to anyone willing to listen to their findings and opinions.

What I admire most is that they embrace new media and make their ideas accessible. It's a coincidence that they are all American. But it is no coincidence that they are all bloggers.

I do not think I have their brilliance. I do not know if I have their courage. But I do know that to emulate them in one's own way is an extraordinary challenge.

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  1. I was reading an article of danah boyd few days ago, I was thinking about writing something about her on my blog. Which I might do in the end, but I am going to read some more of her stuff. It is all accessible on her site or a site of McArthur foundation.