Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MA dissertation update #9: revision time

Let this be a fruitful exercise.

It was a big gamble to take up a temp job at the time I should be revising my dissertation (bound copy due Monday the 17th), especially since my theory chapter needs a bit of work. But I have no regrets, even if I know I could do a much better analysis of my findings. At some point you just have to let it go.

Although there are things in the job that are not in my control, I get a sense of fulfillment when things do turn out in my favor. Fieldwork has always been fun for me. Once I get past the initial discomfort of meeting strangers and going places I've never been to before, I'm much happier gathering data, both quantitative and qualitative, than theorizing (though I would very much like to improve on that). I like finding out things. That's why I want to go into research.

To make matters more interesting, I found out two days ago that I have a research degree application due this Friday. *fingers crossed*

Kaya natin 'to!

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