Saturday, March 29, 2008

Older again

"Thoughts on turning 26 this month?" Jme asked via YM two weeks ago. Easy. Today I can no longer get £5 seats at the RSC or Youth Tickets on Eurail, all because I'm a year older.
I'm grateful for my old IXUS 65 and IXUS 800 IS. Without them, I would have forgotten the past year of my life,the best and most memorable one by far.

My 25th year, in 58 seconds:

Music: "Sitting and Standing" by Carnival Kids

#1 That I can get funding for further study and research
#2 That my photos get an additional year in their virtual home [Flickr Pro]
#3 That someone can play the music of JRB/Guettel OR choreograph and dance for videos I want to make
#4 That people turn off their lights, not necessarily tonight at 8pm (which might cause a power surge later), but also whenever they can throughout their lives


  1. happy birthday abs. special mention. :) hope you have a good 26th year. habol din ako. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hopefully I'll see you in London soon:)

  3. @jme: yep, in a few months' time! :) kailan uwi mo?

    @che: hope so, too!

    @p: gracias!

  4. Great! I could see me and Mike a couple of times, but I guess I'll have to watch it some more times to really see everything! Keep posting and picture-taking, haha!

  5. @irene: truth is, i've been watching that slideshow over and over. i'm addicted to the song. hahaha!

    @kev: thank you! :)