Thursday, March 27, 2008

Idol worship

Dear David Cook,

Since I came back from London, American Idol is the only show I've been watching on TV. (Then again, it's the only program I've been watching religiously since Season 4.)

When the Top 24 contestants were announced, my favorites were, in ascending order: David Archuleta, David Hernandez, you, Michael Johns. Now I don't think my fondness for you Davids stems from my Biblical namesake's being married to King David. I simply thought you guys were good.

Then in the Top 12, Hernandez got booted out and you raised your game, overtaking Johns in my book. Nevermind that your baby photos aren't cute or that you've got a combover. What I like about you is that you don't hide behind your guitar. You're smart in choosing covers with great arrangements. You spin songs I don't like listening to into fantastic songs that could be played over the airwaves right now. And being a word geek helps, too. "Optimistically pessimistic"? You must've been reading my college yearbook writeup. [Updated March 29] Apparently, West Side Story is not the only musical he's appeared in. He says he can't dance, but he can do mean cartwheels. Check out his pre-Idol stuff with Axium on Weaker Side's YouTube channel.

If you do make it to the finals, you must credit the rockers before you, Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry, for priming the public for talent like yours (oh, you already did). No matter what happens, I'm buying your album. And if it's any additional consolation, my brother will gladly download your songs.

Cook on YouTube:
Living On A Prayer
Everything I Do
Happy Together
All Right Now
Eleanor Rigby
Billie Jean


  1. " don't hide behind a guitar"

    Was that patama to Jason Castro? :) Haha! This season I'm liking: Jason, Brooke White, and David Archuleta. But in my long-running addiction with reality tv, my faves never, ever win!

    As with David Cook, I can only listen but not watch. :)

  2. to jason and brooke, actually. though brooke has a lovely voice, she is awkward onstage without her piano. :) check out my update on this post re david cook's musical theater history!