Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Volunteering on labor day

Seized the opportunity to be a bartender at the labor day event at Roskilde Folkeparken through the International Club and Gimle. I'm not sure if the trade unions were making pro- or anti-immigrant statements, but my guess is more of the latter.

The job was simple: we only offered beer, three kinds of soda, water, cigarettes and sandwiches. I manned the second booth with Nikoletta from Hungary. Though I didn't say much Danish other than "hej", "værsgo", "selv tak" and the cost in kroner, it was a good learning experience. There were times when the Danes just walked away when we couldn't understand them, but a couple of guys were nice enough to buy us drinks. In the Philippines, 15kr(~P130) for a glass of øl (beer) sounds like a lot, but only one person complained about the price. It's Carlsberg after all.

I had one less day to write my paper, but I think the experience was worth it. I'd be happy to do it again.

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