Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An evening at the park

Tivoli photos, as promised. Photo credits in parentheses.

Top left: Do I look like I'm in Copenhagen? (Xiangnan)
Top right: The Star Flyer (me)
Bottom left: Mindaugas, Malin and Kristina on The Golden Tower (me)
Bottom right: With Hanna (Irene)

Footwear of the day: brown boots

Just noticed that there are far too many photos of myself on the blog the past couple of weeks. It's weird what not having your own camera can do. I'm no Cindy Sherman; I'll try to cut down on them, pramis.


  1. heeey :) here is our song of the trip
    soko - i'll kill her

    how is you camera doing?

  2. when i saw this video last week, i thought, no, she shouldn't act so seriously. or if she's gonna be serious, she still ought to be funny.

    the service center will send me a price estimate tomorrow *sob*

    i added you to my blogroll. is the russian correct? :)

  3. hi!i like ur blog..may i ask u,how did you put a video on ur blog?pls.reply on my e-add in YM at EMO_nica_rockz@y.c tnx!