Monday, May 14, 2007

An eventful Friday

Putting up this post before it rots on the Blogger dashboard. More photos to follow.(Have to get the ones I took with Xiangnan's camera. Such a parasite. Tsk, tsk!)

A startling revelation marked the project group meeting at Cafe Retro in Copenhagen. A bit shaken, but stirred to action, the three of us girls met the other IC members at 7pm for the trip to Tivoli, the world-famous amusement park built in 1843.

We were able to get discounted entrance(40kr~P343 instead of 60kr~P514), but still had to pay 200kr~P1713 for unlimited rides or a maximum of 60kr for a single ride. I intended to ride only the Star Flyer (the world's tallest carousel) at sunset, but I miraculously ended up with a multi-ride pass (thanks, Hanna!) and rode the Star Flyer again late at night (windy,brrr!) and a cutesy summary of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in The Flying Trunk.

Later on, we watched Hush perform mainly country-ish songs. Great performance with a several guest musicians (and encores!). The title track of their album"A Lifetime" made me feel so sad.

Though I wasn't feeling quite well (partly because of the Chicken Korma I ate, partly because of the Star Flyer), I still managed to go dancing at LA Bar, but we left earlier than the other girls with us. Indi pointed out Xander Mellish's terrific stories about Denmark. In hindsight, it does make a lot of sense in terms of the dynamics in the bar. Ahahaha!

Walking down Strøget at midnight makes you feel underdressed. Actually overdressed in the sense that we were in boots and jeans while the Danish girls were in tiny skirts and strappy heels. How do they do it in this weather? (Back to single digit temps, I'm afraid.)

On the train going back to Trekroner, Xiangnan was talking to a bunch of girls. He introduced me as his sister as I passed on the way out.
"Where are you from?" asked one of the girls.
"Philippines,"I said.
"Poor," she said.
"Yes," I replied. I was taken aback because it was not a response I expected, but I think I prefer hearing that truth than something like "where's that?"

Photo of Hush at Tivoli by m-alo.


  1. re: "poor." aray! was she overloaded with øl or just lacking a sensitivity chip or both?

  2. everybody has tactless moments, so maybe it was one of hers. she was stating a fact (P3.9T government debt end-Feb, according to PDI) though.