Friday, February 22, 2008

talking parts + MV

Listening to MusicalTalk, I prayed there would be a Filipino arts podcast like it. Then I found out about Jenny Jamora's blog+podcasts through Gibbs Cadiz and promptly subscribed to it.

You've probably seen Jenny before.

The last time I saw Jenny, she gave me a lift to EDSA. I don't think she'd remember that because I don't remember when it was, either. Three years ago, I suppose?
The last time I saw Sugarfree was two summers ago at NBC Tent while I was covering a Nestea event.
The last time I saw Marie Jamora was when I sat in in her Comm class to watch some music videos of my friends early last year.
The last time I saw Niccolo Manahan was in Hamlet early this month.

Small world.

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