Friday, February 15, 2008

My offbeat valentine

He may look strange, but this guy is a major sweet tooth.

That I was watching the film Death Note and its sequel around V-Day was just a coincidence. (I'm trying to learn Nihongo, hahaha.) The story, based on a manga, was very interesting but slightly disturbing. Though it's nowhere as violent as Battle Royale, which also topbilled Tatsuya Fujiwara (lead character Light Yagami in DN), the premise was just as creative. I cannot wait for the Ryuzaki (Ken'ichi Matsuyama) spin-off, L: Change the World. It's funny that I didn't know what L stood for until I looked it up online. That ought to be in the movie.


  1. i heart him first!!!! hahaha!

    so looove ken'ichi matsuyama!!!!

  2. naku, walang maiiwan sa kin kung unahan ito!