Saturday, February 2, 2008

Or are my eyes are turning green?

euromaxx highlights (Deutsche Welle) is one of my favorite TV shows and I'm glad I can get it via iTunes. Presenter Karin Helmstaedt is on Babypausen, so Sandra Maria Meier is substituting for her. I thought it was interesting that she was dressed and made up the same way Helmstaedt was. Her voice and delivery need a bit of work, but she will improve in time. Maybe I'm just resisting the accent (Spanish?) because Robin Merrell's English is more "proper" than BBC English and Canadian-German Helmstaedt's pronunciation is impeccable.


  1. Are you kidding me? Sandra speaks beautiful English and I love her nice touch of saying goodbye in German. Which allows me brush up on my pronounciations.

    She's always impeccably dressed and very professional in her delivery of lines. No hesitation what so ever.

  2. I guess I was used to Karin, so I really noticed the difference. This post was based on the first Euromaxx episode that Sandra hosted, which I hope you've seen. In fairness to her, the second episode she hosted was much better. She was more confident and her style was not Karin-like anymore. :)

  3. hi, unfortunately because of some difficulties in satellite signals i couldn't watch the program and see who is the substitute for Karin, but it is undeniable and obvious for everyone that Karin is the best one and i do believe no one can be instead of her, i wish her all the best.

  4. Sandra is a perfect substituting for Karin, i like her voice. She speaks english and german so lovely. I always see " Discover Germany "
    Hawaiii, Tran