Sunday, February 3, 2008

Foodie weekend: Carinderia lunch, restaurant dinner

My brother treated me to real street food here. There's another eating area past the TV repair shop.

We had half orders of papaitan, ginisang monggo, dinuguan, and a sweet pork dish (all were decent but the last one was delicious). I had barbecue (very tasty); my brother had bilog. Plus two and half cups of rice, our bill amounted to P153, which made me laugh. Para sa taong kalye talaga.

That evening, ma and my tita tita had a joint birthday dinner for their siblings and Mommy Ted at Gloria Maris at The Podium. What a feast!


  1. hey! waiting for your Binondo post! :D


  2. to make a long story short, i linked to your post, hehe :) thanks for swinging by!