Monday, February 25, 2008

Battle with an ancient gadget

Big day today. But I won't talk about the Oscars or EDSA. I'll talk about the teenager in the house. I don't mean the househelp--it's the fax machine, all of 14 years.

Round 1: setting up
It took half an hour to get it to work. At first, there was no dial tone. Then there was a dial tone but it would not dial.
Winner: the fax

Round 2: the first batch
Switched the receiver with that of the landline so I can speak into it. Hissy, but it worked. For a whole hour.
Winner: me

Round 3: the blackout
Sending the last page to an embassy, the LCD went blank. No beep to confirm transmission. For a whole hour.
Winner: the fax

Round 4: on a roll
After the fax conked out, I tried plugging and unplugging it after every few minutes. For a whole hour. Then it worked again for the rest of the afternoon.
Winner: me

Result: draw


  1. Don't worry Abby -- it's all for a good cause (i hope....)!

  2. yes, it is. used it again this morning and it's given me no trouble so far :)