Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maraming salamat! (Thank you very much!)

[photo (courtesy of Elodie) updated 9:03am]

On behalf of the team, heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who came to Asian Night. Hope you had your fill of culture (and good food)!

Thirteen days ago, I was talking to two Chinese and two Thai students at the library about Asian Night, part of the International Cafe series of Gimle and the International Club. Now it's over. But it will be in my mind for a long time.

Nevermind that Aom and I spent a total of five hours (spread over three rehearsals) learning and practicing the Thai dance, only to get a nervous attack (evidenced by a dry mouth). Nevermind that I only practiced the Filipino song with Hao the day before and that I wasn't able to sing "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka" and did "Gaano Kita Ko Ikaw Kamahal" instead on a very high key, with, erm, interesting results. Nevermind that I stressed Bernd out because he couldn't get in touch with me because it took me so long to get into the costume (because we had a little trouble with the hairstyle-- which should have been much higher--because, well, my hair is too short). It also took a while to serve the food because we didn't talk about who would serve what. Excuses, excuses. We tried to multi-task too much (and that has been shown to impact negatively on productivity). But overall, things went well, many people enjoyed the night and I learned my lesson in project management.

I will probably be remembered as a Thai girl, but I received many compliments on the outfit (it's hard to believe that I'm actually smaller than Aom because the top was loose on me and tight on her), as well as for the performances and for the event in general. Mixing Hao's songs with my music picks turned out to be a good idea because at some point, people filled the dancefloor and it was so good to see them having fun. Of course, I did, too.

Still very much awake in the wee hours of the morning, wishing this photo didn't look so...Bobi has a better term for it and it's politically incorrect. Will try to ask for other people's photos and videos of the night and see if I can post them. :)


  1. Hanna and me were so proud of having you in our project group!! We were telling everybody: You see taht girl?? She is with us, she is ours...
    Was a great night, incredible time. Just that the spanish have a bit high presure for our next cultural night...
    Vi ses!

  2. Oh you look so cute! Ms Congeniality, for sure!