Friday, March 9, 2007

How to make two attractive men unattractive

above: Rodrigo Santoro, director Zack Snyder, Gerard Butler
below: Butler as King Leonidas and Santoro as Xerxes

Two techniques:
1. Cover his face with hair. And then give him a headband.
2. Remove all his hair. And then pluck his eyebrows.

These techniques don't work for everyone, but for these two...! First, I was speechless. Then I wanted to swear. Then I wanted to scream "NOOOOOOO!" I haven't even seen the film yet. calls it "in so audacious that it scales the heights of high camp". I hope my reaction to the film stops at the speechless part.

hits US theaters today.


  1. just saw 300 yesterday. the effects are awesome, but kadiri talaga 'yung itsura ni rodrigo (naisip kita agad, hehe). pogi pa rin si butler as leonidas, although at time medyo nagmumukhang hudyo na siya :P

  2. di mo naisip si mems? haha! kailan kaya ako makakapanood ng sine? :)

  3. EVERYONE is talking about this film! Home, host, diasporic peoples are abuzz! Is it because of the excessive testosterone? I am SO intrigued. I wanna watch in Imax when it opens here. Haha!

    I'm sad that they didn't showcase Rodrigo Santoro's good looks. They made him to a creepy ubertranny!