Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A little bit of culture, part 2

We took the guided tour of the Royal Theater, which made me sentimental. I miss the costumes, the prod work, the inside jokes. Then I remembered that the Mirandolina outfit is still in my room. TA cannot tour without that. Hahaha! I then had dinner with Bopha, Elodie, Xiangnan, Irene and Hanna at Nena's, a cozy Spanish restaurant. We shared platos combinados, queso and ensaladilla.

Back at the theater, it was time for the premiere of American Mixture, three modern ballets. Planet Wonderful was set to LazyB's music (Facts of Life was my LSS/earworm), which I thought was excellent. The choreography made good use of the walls and window of the set. The projections were nice and the dancing felt very personal.

Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven is more abstract--a very technical piece that shows off the strength of the dancers. It is conceptual all throughout: the accompaniment is mostly chimes and live strings. I like the metal tubes hanging from the ceiling as chimes.

Rhapsody was quite cool because there was a great live band, Kira and the Kindred Spirits. I like the parts where the men would dance in unison because they looked very smart in slim back outfits and red belts. The way they used the set was innovative as well.

Dancing in sync is not the best point of this company, but Denmark is famous for ballet. Seems to me there are more danseurs than danseuses. Overall, it was a very enjoyable night.

Further proof that Denmark is really small... The person were talking about over dinner came to the theater and (to our surprise) sat in my row. That made someone really happy.

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