Sunday, March 25, 2007

For your mp3 collection, part 5

(Trying to outdo London fog, aren't we?)

Don't forget to turn forward your clocks, people. More downloadables:

Creeping Lovely: "I'm Not Ready"-admit your shortcomings

Elizabeth Harper: "Let Me Take You Out"
-tuneful invitation

The Frames: "Falling Slowly"
-look for a cushion

Gregory Morris Group: "Baylight Lullaby"
-latino night

Lavender Diamond: "Open Your Heart"
-sunny vibe

Rosebuds: "You Better Get Ready"-bob yer head

Sugarplum Fairies: "Sugarfree"-somebody's standards

Sunset Room: "Nice to Meet You"-intoxicated introduction

The Whiles: "Emily"-farewell lullabye

The Whiles: "Will You"-a plea in a question

You could also listen to the artists of Saddle Creek Records at their website.

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