Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lotte World Adventure

We're no theme park family. Right. (This is the family that went to three Disney theme parks plus Universal Studios... when the "kids" were already in their 20s.)

None of us actually wanted to go to a theme park, but Jim Paredes had mentioned Lotte World in one of his status messages some time ago. Besides, it was a Monday and many attractions are closed, so...

20th anniversary

It wasn't such a bad choice, really. The weather was not so good that day. It was raining. Fortunately, the Adventure part of the park is indoors. We didn't go on any rides or visit the Folk Museum. But we saw a watched a TV (film?) shoot. For the number of cameras (six), there were not so many people in the production. We did not recognize the actors.

indoor ice skating rink
lotte world adventure ceiling
Instead of stamping your hand with ink when you leave the park (and intend to return), they use a UV stamp that shows under the UV light. No more mess!

For a 20-year-old park, its age did not show. And it was cool that most of the visitors are adults (of course the kids are in school).

garden stage

The Garden Stage Show was a funny mix of flapper 1920s, disco 1970s, beatboxing (good), breakdancing and Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's an early Halloween.

Ma doing her own MJ thing

Lotte World is open every day. Get the special discount coupon for foreigners from the information counter at Jamsil metro station if you can find it. The information office is close to this surprising replica. How did this get here?

jamsil metro station

By the way, Lotte is the inspiration for Go Dong Hae in Kimmy Dora, which Chris Martinez wrote in South Korea.