Monday, September 14, 2009

Hotel Noblesse

We got flight plus accommodation packages from Cebu Pacific, which came to about P14,000 per person including roundtrip airfare and four nights' accommodation based on twin sharing. There's no breakfast, but that's a small price to pay for a decent location.

Hotel Noblesse in Seoul isn't fancy, but it's a small boutique hotel with enough in-room amenities considering the price. The TV is large. There's a blowdryer, water dispenser, a personal ref, a bath tub. Call it standard except that some rooms have tacky decor a the scent of cigarette smoke. And oh, I have to warn you about the pesky mosquitoes. (None of us escaped them.) There's a canister of what appears to be insect spray, and a bunch of odd toiletries including hairspray, hair gel, a comb and a brush. Are they obsessed about hair or what?

Janghampyeong metro station (Line 5) and bus stops are a few minutes' walk. There are bakeshops, convenience stores, a bar, a grocery, and lots of places to eat nearby. Down the road, there are car parts dealers. The area reminds me a bit of the dodgy end of Makati Avenue crossed with Banawe. My mom said that in her research, she found out that the hotel has a reputation for being the place where men meet their mistresses. I'm not surprised by that at all. But that said, she was fairly surprised at how relatively well-kept the place was. The sheets are clean and the supplies were replenished every day.

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  1. Looking at the pictures and description, the place reminds me of Japanese "Love Hotels". Interesting, thanks for the info.