Monday, September 28, 2009

Dining in Seoul, day 2

I like (good) surprises in my food, but I wouldn't pay this much for them

After Korean food, Japanese cuisine is best represented. We settled for the third most popular: Italian. They had risotto, I had kung pao chicken spaghetti at Spaghetria, Lotte World. As we discovered, either kimchi or something pickled (often both) is served regardless of what you order.

pickles with your spaghetti?

We managed to eat in mom-and-pop eateries with no English menus because there were photos of the food. If you're smart, you can eat for 7,000 won (~P280, drinking only service water).

Somehow we survived on only two whole meals. We bought pastries at night so that we can eat before leaving the hotel in the morning. Our friendly neighborhood Paris Baguette is open until late.

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