Monday, September 28, 2009

After Ketsana

Although I am still posting about Korea, I am back in the Philippines. The storm (Ketsana/Ondoy) last weekend which dropped over a month's worth of rain in 24 hours--much more precipitation than Hurricane Katrina--seriously affected many of us in Metro Manila and Rizal province. Over 100 deaths have been reported, mainly from landslides and drowning.

It doesn't hit close to home than this. Just today, five bodies were spotted in the nearby creek. The floodwater inside our house reached 58 inches (~147cm) high indoors on Saturday night. (I uploaded a flood timeline video and narrative of the weekend's events for my Facebook contacts.)

the morning after: our upright piano is upright no more

My family is in the process of cleaning up and putting some order back into our lives, but many Filipinos lost much of what they had and are still in need of food and other essentials. There are many ways of helping, but I will not detail them here anymore, as announcements have spread throughout social networking sites. Please give what you can.

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