Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dining in Seoul, day 1

We had our first meal in Korea here. It was late in the morning and hunger made us desperate. We were the first customers. There was one cook and one server. No English. (Thank goodness their numbers are in Hindu-Arabic numerals!) We asked for the menu. The server went outside the door and pointed to these posters.

I found it amazing that there is actually a place that serves exactly two items. So we tried them both. The handmade-noodle clam soup bowl was quite large, good enough for three. The dumplings are simply prepared. Standard Korean utensils are a spoon and chopsticks. You can ask for water, there's no cola (only beer). We found the cost of the food reasonable considering you're in the city.

and on this rock I prepare your kimchi


late lunch at the cafe of the National Palace Museum: bibimbap

we discovered that cider meant clear cola

dinner was at a shabu-shabu place close to the hotel

sausage, duck and lots of veg


  1. They look yummy! Did they taste as good as they look?

  2. for the most part, yes. the bibimbap was pretty bland, though :)