Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cookin' NANTA

NANTA, the first show in Asia to reach 10,000 performances, is a runaway hit onstage. Since it started running in 1997, this non-verbal performance has toured 212 cities in 27 countries (why they skipped the Philippines, it's hard to say). Today, there are 20 performances a week in the main theater in Seoul, another 6 performances in another theater in Seoul, and 7 more in Jeju.

I noticed that the production people speak Nihongo (lots of Japanese visit Korea). Seated two feet away from the stage, I felt overpowered by the smell of raw onions. The show started with ads on a large screen, then the audience practiced cheering and clapping.

the manager, Hot Sauce (the only female cook) and the nephew

The cast of five (there are six sets of actors!) uses a lot of vegetables and a lot of energy. At some point in the show they are totally dripping with sweat. The only thing bigger than the humor in the show is the drumming. Preview here:

Tip: buy tickets in advance.

The theater scene in Seoul is lively. B-Boy (breakdancers) performances are also very popular. Aside from Nanta, The Ballerina Who Loved A B-Boy is a must-see.

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